Miss Mia Jewelry 

"Happiness is like a butterfly: if you chase it you can never get it, but if you keep quiet can also alight upon you", This beautiful phrase of the american writer Nathaniel Hawthorne well represents the wonder of wear the ring "Butterfly" designed by Miss Mia Jewelry (http://www.missmia.it), a brand new label of jewelry born and supported by Mia Atelier, an high fashion brand created by talented designer Miriana Pramatarska.

The idea of the butterfly is actually ispired by the maison's logo, a stylized butterfly that comes to life and changes. After all, there are jewels and jewelry: some own only the beauty, others are not only beautiful but enclose the magic of a story and that is precisely what makes unique and special the "Butterfly" ring by Miss Mia Jewelry, charming as a love poem.

As seen in the promotional video, a butterfly, the more ethereal, fatuous and delicate creatures, twirls suavely in the sky until it rests not on a flower but on the fingers of a hand, changing its nature and transforming into a beautiful ring. That's not her first transformation: from caterpillar has already become a butterfly and now will forever be a beautiful jewel. Designed and produced entirely on the original sketch created by Miriana Pramatarska who studied every details of this ring together with the Goldsmith studio “Monili”, very appreciated for its amazing story of fine craftsmanship, the ring is in a spiral shape, symbol of infinity and has a butterfly right on the top. At the beginning of the spiral is carved the word "Mia" who wants to be a tender message like "I want you to be mine", "I want you to be my woman”...

The butterfly, on its left wing, also available in black, has a bright zircon, but only in versions in silver, glossy or matte. No zircon but gorgeous high jewellery allure for the two versions in classic yellow gold and sensual rose gold.

Upon request, however, there is the possibility to set a diamond in the gold versions of "Butterfly" ring that has a registered trademark certificate and it's completely Made in Marche and, above all, Made in Italy, in the sign of the highest craftsmanship tradition.

Designed for very wide customers, this ring is suitable by all women for every occasion and all day long. It's on sale on a special launch offer of only 129 euros and it represents all the creative universe's of this extraordinary fashion designer that can make dreaming through creations destined to last over time, like all true timeless masterpieces.

This eco-friendly ring wants to be a tribute to the Nature to love and respect, even giving a second life and recycling what belongs to the ambient. The  sustainability represents the real future of the design, fashion and art, as evidenced by the elegant packaging wanted by the designer: a box handmaded entirely of wood. Of course, it's clearly that for this reason everyone is totally different from the others because it's created with different pieces of woods, each with its veins and streaks that are not shortcomings, but peculiarity and distinctive traits that make each box absolutely unique.

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